by The Girlfriends

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released August 18, 2015



all rights reserved


The Girlfriends Turku, Finland

The band was originally forged in the hottest flames of hell itself and babtised in erotic majesty in 2010.
Line up:
Roy McLoving: Guitars, vocals and misc
Felix The Sexranger: Bass
Lance Pursuit: Drums
Leeroy "Hot Shot" Mahoney: Guitars.
Snake Pilsener: Guitars.

Former members:
Mr T. Velvet: Guitars
H.H Loveshaft: Drums
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Track Name: Bag Of Agony
I the watcher survey
The toils of fingerpaint slave
I the watcher make it stop
Children's folly unsung rot
By the will of gods make it stop

That baby Jesus boy 'll walk the cross
And little Annies taps wont tap tap
I paint their faces on my bag of agony

I the watcher see
These soulless rascals torturing thee
I the watcher make it stop
Children's folly unsung rot
By the will of gods I'll make it stop

Little Timmy wont get up from that well
And sick sick Christie wont get well, never again
For I paint their faces on my bag of agony

I the watcher face
These satanic figures in every place
I the watcher make it stop
Children's folly unsung rot
By the will of gods they will be stopped

Beat and tortured everyday
Bleed dry fingerpaint slave
Soothly sleeping as they are taken away
God's mercy 'pon their grave
And on my bag of agony
On my bag of agony
Track Name: You`re Not Worth It
A sick silk dream
One where a lovers arms entwine to me
Like a cancerous growth
Deaths warm kiss
And I do not miss
A single inch
of your ivory body
As mortal as divine
An aphrodisic dew
Spews out of you
Saying to me: you’re not worth it

Yea, a mourners brew
A lot less than a sick dog I crawled to you
With skin of ivory and pale blue eyes
A new dream of our demise
This is the way
Your love will be my grave
Frantically I yearn
For your firm spur
Alas said thou: you’re not worth it

Feel sick inside
Utmost of impurities
Your wavy hair
Like the solar seas
Track Name: Ripping The Flesh
Papa and me hit the mean street
Pill poppin’ , liquor chocking
He gets me all these things to meet
And we got nothing but the god-damned clock to beat
All the pulping sick
All of it is mounting
Now I’m down and counting
Ripping the flesh

Papa went and chucked a TV out the door
Death rocking’, never stopin’
He gives me all these toys to beat
And we got nothing but a god-damned woman to eat
All the pulping sick
It seems to be mounting
I’m down and counting
Ripping the flesh

Papa went to pusher and got more
Can’t stop it, never stop it
Out of money so he gives this thing to me
And now all I’ve got is his sick dick to beat
And so all the sick
It really was mounting
I was down and counting
Ripping the flesh
Track Name: Horses Gallow
See this man in his drunken sorrow
Whoam's eyes have long been dead and hollow
And see his little - sad - meager play
In which he playeth every part - from the poor soul to the bitching cunt
Come see the earths end and it’s forth brought horrors
Yeah see my end at Horses Gallows

Between the gavel and the hoof, he knew that his days were doomed
“Hatred” red his right hands arm, a reminder that he had conquered all
Smiling now with an eerie bliss, as he draws down the darkened mist
Hear as the rotting tomb doth make its way, the last entree to this meagre play
Yea at Horses Gallows I’ll have my day
Track Name: Fuck (GER)
Ja Ja Ja Ja (repeat)
Track Name: Death Hands
The time has come to harvest truth
Blackened fingers graving for new bloom
And on Thursday afternoon
Death hands beckon on you

The chain breaks before me with ease
You scream and drop your faith
I take six steps closer to see fear
Prepare, for the fist of doom

A glimpse of serenity doth arise
Fingers twist in dance of demise
In black bags I return you to your kind
Awaiting for death hands to grant me life

(To give me life)
Track Name: Ophelia
When you take a man´s life
Do you gain somekinda insight
To a life that goes on
Chastity be your and God's pact
Is there something left or
Is it me, O’ Ophelia
Gimme the gun

You tell her to undress
Just about to have her, yet
So you scratch, slice and feel that girl
You scratch, slice, feel and her
Throat is throbbing
Gulping blood
Oh Ophelia
Am I the one